elderly talk about reaching a 100

One of the perks of working with the elderly is that you get the opportunity to meet people who reached a 100. To me, this is a blessing and i look up to them as extraordinary people, i am always in awe every time i have a conversation with them. And as always, i never fail to ask this question: “is it worth reaching 100 years old?”

In my almost 10 years of working in this elderly setting, i have met/conversed/laughed and joked with 8 elderly who were 100-101. All of them, 8/8 answered my question with a big/muffled/soft/sad NO. All of the 8, said its not worth it. This is surprising to me but i still asked them why.

Their response were: 

1. “It is just a number, along with that number –you have pains all over your body, you cant walk, you cant do all the things that you used to do before”

2. “It is good to reach this milestone but if you dont have the sound mind–half of the things you do you forget. I dont think its good.”

3. “It is your family who is making you hold on to life, but there comes a point when it is too tiring to hold on to that”

4. “You get to eat whatever you want but if you dont have your taste buds like you used to have before, its really not worth it”

5. “A lot of the people pampers you, they do what you ask them to do for you but it just makes you think that you are helpless at this age”

6. “You tend to realize that you start to be a burden to your family”

7. “You get to see your great great grandchildren but you are not able to play or even carry them because you are unable to move your arms”

Their response gave me a different perspective of life.😊

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