kid talk about losing

I was surprised an hour ago when my son said this…

son: mom, i guess it is ok to lose sometimes…winning is good but losing is as good as winning…

i: why are u telling me this? i thought u like winning…

son: of course, i like winning…i guess all people like winning…but we dont win all the time…like when i play chess, i lose more than i win…like when i play basketball, i cant shoot…its really hard for me…

i: why is losing as good as winning?

son: it is very good because it is teaching me that what im doing is not working…so i have to come up with a new technique or strategy…it means that i have to try harder…

i: that is good…did somebody tell u that?

son: oh no, i just thought about that…

i: its great that u realize that as early as now, i hope u will always think about that every time u are in a situation…have u heard of Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein?

son: no, who is that?

So, i guess its time for me to tell my son about them…

6 thoughts on “kid talk about losing

  1. If your son thought up this for himself congratulations to his parents for seeds sown. There is too much focus on ‘winning’ out there. Like all of life it learning to ‘fall off the bike’ and getting back on……..losing and winning….giving it a go but trying harder or going a different way. Great Blog.

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    1. thanks faye..i dont really know where he get that idea…he doesnt go to school where he could get the idea from other kids..definitely not from us because i dont think he is ready for that idea…maybe he got it from the tv…..i do agree that kids nowadays are pampered to the point that they dont know what losing means…i believe in making them experience losing or falling coz after all, life is not about winning…its about getting up or doing better after the fall…


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