smart talk with elderly 101

Kid talk about how he wants to live his life

A few minutes ago, my son and I were talking about life, he stated he really want to become an astronaut, he wants to invent something that would allow us to visit his favorite planet Saturn.  However, i asked him how he wants to live his life? His answer was priceless…

Son: happy…

I: how would u live it?

Son: would i be a kid or an adult?

I: U can be whatever age u want to be….

Son: oh! This is really tough. But i will wake up exercise, eat breakfast then play with my kids, teach them about planets, travel to places they want, then nap, play more games with them and make them do what they want to do like giving them time for themselves…. All in all, i just want to spend time with my family….but i will be financially free, that is why i didn’t include work in there….sister would be part of us if she wants to be, she might be busy with her family though…

I: that is great! anything else?

Son: i really dont want to say this, but if u are still alive, i will include u and dad with the activities….

As a mom, i am really amazed about this insight. I am learning so much from my kids. I am so blessed to have such kids. I give back the glory to God for giving me such joy. I just hope and claim that i will be a better mom each day to keep up with them…

Kid talk about building new houses

As we were traveling, we passed by a big area where house were being built. All of a sudden my son said something….

Son: i dont know why people keeps on building new houses…

I: they have to do it because the population is getting bigger…they have to build new houses…

Son: yes i know but they dont realize that we are just ruining mother nature, what about the trees and the plants they replace with the new houses? We will have less oxygen and in result we will have more polution… That is really sad, i thought people are smart, i guess not….

Kid talk about what is acceptable and not

As i was coming home from work, my son and i have this conversation:

Son: mom, how come we can say to somebody you are skinny but we cant say you are fat?

I: because people get offended…

Son: why? Arent they both adjectives about sizes? Skinny is the opposite of fat! Why cant it be acceptable when some people are really big? 

I: it is hard to explain son…unfortunately, people dont want the word fat to describe somebody that is heavy…that is one of the norm here in north america…

Son: that is really odd, it doesnt make sense…u can say heavy but not fat, u can say skinny but not fat….so many rules to think about, it doesnt make sense…. Why do people get offended when u call them fat when they are really fat? Its true anyway, i dont get it….

Kid talk about good things

We have a tradition at home that before we go to bed we have to say 1 good thing about each other.

3 year old daughter: mom is a special mom, i will give her my heart…

Son: mom is the best mom ever, she always takes care of us even if she is too tired…

Words like that always makes our day. As parents, we get tired and there are times when we get so annoyed and angry but it is great to realize that our kids appreciate us….

Enjoy parenthood folks!

Kid talk about winning

My son and husband were putting the weights for our entry car for the pinewood derby in cub scouts…

Husband: just because you won last year doesnt mean you will win again this year….

Son: i know that of course…You are not suppose to be negative about it… You dont get what you want, you get what you expect…

I was really shocked as to how my son handled it and i also didnt expect him to say ” you dont get what you want, you get what you expect”

Maybe my son is right because he actually won again this year and we were all happy and surprised except him of course….

My talk about being financially free

I have been working with the profession that i graduated for 16 years. I am passionate on my dream to retire in 2 years. I am starting this talk today to document my journey to achieve this goal. My long term dream is to be able to homeschool and travel at the same time. To be able to go to places that we discuss in the homeschool curriculum. 

It has been said multiple times by famous people that if you claim it, it will happen. Therefore, i am claiming to retire in 2 years and you will be my witness. You will be part in my journey. It is my hope and dream that because i am putting it in a blog, my journey would be an inspiration to others who thinks its impossible. We can work on this goal together and be an encouragement to each other to achieve.

So, to start with, i keep on imagining myself with my family and picturing this dream.

# thanks for reading, till next blog#