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kid talk about mother’s day

I celebrated our mothers day at Niagara falls with my family and my mom and dad. It was one of our memorable moments being up close to one of the wonders of the world— the Niagara Falls.

Just like the Niagara falls, our love for our mother is one of the most precious experience on earth. It is one of those love that is hard to explain in words.

While at the boat, my son said…

son: please do be careful…i dont want you to slip especially on mother’s day. I love you so much. I want you to have a very enjoyable mother’s day.

He told me happy mother’s day at least 10 times today — since i woke up, up until we were at the falls, at the bathroom, at the restaurant, at the car and even up until going to bed.

It is the best mother’s day ever… (hope all the mother’s have/had one too)


kid talk about sin

As i was talking to my son about the story of Adam and Eve, this is what he said.

son: I guess the world would have been different if they didnt eat the fruit. We would probably get to grow old and not die. But maybe that is how it was meant to be because it will be too many people on earth and we will run out of space. Everything really has a reason.

i: maybe you are right, we wouldnt know though because we are on this path.

son: yeah! I think it is just like a maze, if you go this path, this is how you end…if its a different path, u could get stuck…

i: that is what u call “consequences.” Every action we do, whether good or bad, there is always a consequence…

kid talk about reward

As we were preparing early to go to new york for an important transaction, i was trying my best not to get annoyed. It is hard to make my kids move/eat faster so we wont be late. Normally in cases like this, i get to make sure they are prepared and ready before myself. Of course, this is the time when the kids ask me a lot of questions like, why do we have to go there early, where are we going,why now why not later etc. Finally, i couldnt help myself anymore…i just said:

i: i am trying not to get late, please help…i am tired…i havent even prepared for myself…

son: oh, we are sorry…i wish you will get a reward for this…

i: what do u mean? what reward?

son: you always get us ready, u and dad but you never get rewarded…you should be rewarded, this is hard to do…

i: thank you, i dont have to be rewarded, u and baby are the reward…please just listen and im sorry if i yell at you and baby…

son: its ok, we understand….

baby talk about prayer

My daughter always pray before sleeping. One night, i heard her pray:

daughter: Jeus (she is having a hard time saying Jesus), keep us happy, safe and healthy…Please remove the booboo in nanay’s (our language for mother) eyes.

I almost cried while listening to her prayers…She knows that i was having some issues with my right eye…I guess that is one of the reasons why the issue i was having with my eye got resolved quickly…I guess God wasnt able to deny her request especially knowing that it came from her heart…

baby talk about faith

One afternoon, i was home with my 2 year old daughter while my son and husband were out on a chess game. We were playing and bonding when all of a sudden she stepped unto my slipper while we were playing TAG which resulted to a broken slipper. My reaction was:

i: ohhh, what happened? i dont have an extra pair…. (whispering to myself)

daughter: oh no! im sorry nanay (“nanay” means mom in our launguage)

i: it is ok, we cant do anything about it…

daughter: Papa Jesus, please fix nanay’s slipper please…thank you thank you…

I was surprised and humbled by this experience, i have never expected her to say those words. We pray but we are not religious. We dont say these things naturally. She was nonchalantly teaching and reminding me about FAITH. To be honest, i was embarassed because at my age, i sometimes forget that i can always rely on God no matter how small the matter is…I sometimes rely first on my own strength. That is probably why i am so tired most of the time. 

I hope whoever will read this will be reminded that we dont have to rely on our own strength, we have to make it a habit to rely and surrender to GOD at ALL times no matter how significant or insignificant the situation is. And that we should have faith, the faith like that of a baby. …so innocent yet so trusting….

im back

Hi fellow bloggers, it has been a few months since my last blog. There is no excuse except laziness. I, for one, dont believe in the saying “i dont have time.” Time is given to each individual on earth, each person is given 24 hours, it is upto each one of us to use our time in a productive manner.

This time, i am back. I will be back full force. Hope you will continue to support me. 

kid talk about christmas

I was chosen to come up with a game and craft at my son’s winter party. During the meeting, i was told that during this party, i shouldnt mention Jesus, Hanukkah, Santa Claus and christmas tree. It must be snowman, reindeer, penguins. I was so disappointed to the point that i talk to another parent saying “i have never imagine this to be like this”

I went home feeling different about the meeting and i told my husband about it. My son overheard my conversation with my husband and said..

son: why cant i say Merry Christmas or why cant i talk about Jesus?

I really dont know what to tell him except to say that we have to follow the rules that they have. Then he answered.

son: it is sad that we cant say the word christmas when in fact christmas comes from the word Christ. I know that some people dont believe in Jesus, it is sad that i cant even say it during the party. I guess that is part of the school rules i have to remember. I think homeschooling is better than this.

i: we can always go back to homeschooling if u want to…we will try it next year…

son: thank you…