kid talk about bullying

i had a wonderful conversation with my son about bullying:

i told him ” i noticed that your friend A has been hitting you everytime you have a playdate with him and you dont do anything about it.

son: i have been telling him to stop but he doesnt listen

i: ok, i will talk to him and tell him not to do it 

son: its ok, he is my friend i love him

i: but he hits and pushes you, you could get hurt again

son: its ok mom, he is my friend i want to save him… i dont want to hit and push back because im on papa Jesus team..

i almost cried with that response..i was so proud of him..i was about to tell him, i would time out his friend or not allow his friend to play with him anymore…

kids are a good source of reevaluating our values, we just have to listen to their heart…


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