kid talk about beauty

While on our way home from our family bonding, the flurry began…We thought that we will have a very cold and nasty weather as we travel back home but we were wrong… the flurry stopped and as soon as we stepped out of the car we were in enthralled by the beautiful view— light snow sticking to the grass and trees…I made a comment saying: look son, it is so beautiful

son: yes, mom! it is so beautiful! look how pretty the grass and the trees are, they are as beautiful as u!

i: (i was really surprised with his comment!) thank u son, i didnt know u find me beautiful as the view outside…

son: u are pretty mom because i like u, u are a good “nanay” (mom in english) to us… u always take care of us… u love me, dad and baby…

I was so happy when i heard him say that, i was so proud of him. I am really in awe that as early as 5 years old, my son sees beauty in the heart of the person and not just the physical attributes. I just hope and wish that he will continue to be like that as he grows older. 


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