kid talk about earning money part 3

So as a continuation of my conversation with my son about this, i asked him a very important question…

i: what will u do with the money that u have if lets say u have more than what u need?

son: i will invest it and give it to charity…

i: but there are a lot of charities, how will u choose?

son: oh, i dont know…maybe ill give it to the people who has no money…those who doesnt have the money for food/house…

i: that is a good idea…but what if after u give them the money…they will use it to buy food or pay for a place to stay then they will have no more money left….will u continue to give them?

son: i dont know…maybe i will tell them to work and not be picky about it….i will tell them that it is easy to have a dollar as long as u work…or i will teach them some household chores…

i: that is so cute…i wish it is that easy…


4 thoughts on “kid talk about earning money part 3

  1. Great talking from your little fellow. Insightful! Maybe it would help him to know that folks like my husband and myself live very simply and do not have much money but we manage to sow a small monthly amount to several charities.(each in turn). (ie the small seems insignificant but as a regular, I am told it is a blessing.).

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  2. Ours just turned 10 and we opened a savings account for the bulk of the money he’d collected in gifts over the years and set aside a portion, agreed to let him spend some. Some small silly purchases aside, he bought wood and learned from Dad how to build little chairs and stools.

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