kid talk about prayer

As i said goodnight to my son, i asked him if he was done praying, he said:

son: not yet but i am too sleepy, can i only pray 2 things instead of 15 things?

i: it is up to u…

son: i usually pray 15 things but now, i will only pray for 2 things, they are the most important to me…i think they are the most important prayer…

i: is it ok if u share it to me?

son: sure…i always pray for good health for u, dad, baby and myself…good health and the other one is for everyone to be always safe…

i: that is a wonderful prayer…i thought u were asking for a toy or something else…

son: oh no! how can i enjoy my toy if i am not healthy?

i: good point, thanks for the prayer…enjoy ur sleep, i love u and baby….goodnight!


8 thoughts on “kid talk about prayer

  1. If only like little children we could all keep our prayers simple, uncomplicated God knows our hearts and our needs. I believe that is why ‘little children’ are so esteemed by Him for honesty and simplicity. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings on you and yours.

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