kid talk about christmas

I was chosen to come up with a game and craft at my son’s winter party. During the meeting, i was told that during this party, i shouldnt mention Jesus, Hanukkah, Santa Claus and christmas tree. It must be snowman, reindeer, penguins. I was so disappointed to the point that i talk to another parent saying “i have never imagine this to be like this”

I went home feeling different about the meeting and i told my husband about it. My son overheard my conversation with my husband and said..

son: why cant i say Merry Christmas or why cant i talk about Jesus?

I really dont know what to tell him except to say that we have to follow the rules that they have. Then he answered.

son: it is sad that we cant say the word christmas when in fact christmas comes from the word Christ. I know that some people dont believe in Jesus, it is sad that i cant even say it during the party. I guess that is part of the school rules i have to remember. I think homeschooling is better than this.

i: we can always go back to homeschooling if u want to…we will try it next year…

son: thank you… 


2 thoughts on “kid talk about christmas

  1. Dear One, This is the story all around the world. The truth is NOTHING, NOTHING can destroy the fact that the Child was BORN. It is an historical FACT. The secular world wants to only enjoy the hype of celebration and deny completely the beginning of it all. Even Santa Claus came about because a man loved His Saviour so much he wanted poor children to also be comforted and blessed. He knew that unlit chimneys showed that there was no fire in the fireplace. (Poor really poor could not afford the fuel). He was dressed in red because if he fell off the roof dropping gifts down the unlit chimney they could find him in the fallen snow). Funny isn’t it that legends of Santa Claus abound but the truth of why they all came about is never examined. Thank God the baby came. Thank God, He fulfilled the Covenantal Promise from ages past and died so all who believe in Him could have eternal life. This is the Hope of Christmas and the thanksgiving of Christmas.(It does not matter the date, whether it is snow, sleet, desert, or pouring rain. There does not need to be any HYPE or glitter. This child was born and He Lives in all who believe.) The rule of the Deceiver on this earth will one day come to an end. Two of our three children have chosen to send their children for first class education at Christian Schools (some are seeking government protection to ensure they can life, educate and be Christians. Home Schooling is the way for hundreds of believers now in oz. Secularism and political correctness abound but Christmas with peace and hope in our hearts confirms ever, Jesus LIVES! My fervent HOPE for you and your little family is that you will look up, accept the fullness of Who He is, and with this certainty encourage your own little ones. Life with Christ is far fuller and richer than living without HIM. Truth to tell many today feel they are doing their main LIVING with eyes lifted upwards and real life WITHIN. This is the testimony of our lives here. Across the miles know you are hugged!

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    1. thank u so much for sharing, i feel justified…it is so sad that the generation nowadays dont acknowledge Christ especially on Christmas day.
      I cant imagine the kids not talking about Him in school…There are so many things to thank for everyday. Funny, we even talk about Christ in the car before we leave no matter how short the distance of our travel…we try to always praise and glorify Him in all of our activities no matter how simple it is…Yet, my son cant talk about Him in school…


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