kid talk about mother’s day

I celebrated our mothers day at Niagara falls with my family and my mom and dad. It was one of our memorable moments being up close to one of the wonders of the world— the Niagara Falls.

Just like the Niagara falls, our love for our mother is one of the most precious experience on earth. It is one of those love that is hard to explain in words.

While at the boat, my son said…

son: please do be careful…i dont want you to slip especially on mother’s day. I love you so much. I want you to have a very enjoyable mother’s day.

He told me happy mother’s day at least 10 times today — since i woke up, up until we were at the falls, at the bathroom, at the restaurant, at the car and even up until going to bed.

It is the best mother’s day ever… (hope all the mother’s have/had one too)


One thought on “kid talk about mother’s day

  1. This time of your life is so precious. Enjoy every memorable moment. One day, hopefully for you in the long distant future, these memories are the golden nuggets that make every Mother’s Day special.

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