kid talk about financial freedom 1

I work 40 hours a week but i only work 4 days. One day, while i was making a budget, i was in deep thought, my son was observing me and out of the blue, he said…

son: i wish we are financially free

i: amen! (i didnt know what to say at that time because i was surprise by this comment)

son: if we are fiancially free, you would not be spending much time doing that, you would be playing with baby and i and we wouldnt be thinking much about spending..

i: true, but even if we became fiancially free, we still have to have a budget because that is the right thing to do, you need to know where the money goes. You need also to make sure, you put money to help other people…

son: yeah, i know…that is for the charity… You need to give back to others and to God, the blessings He gave to us. Financially free or not, you have to do that…

i: thank you son…you made me so happy…im glad you understand the value of charity.


2 thoughts on “kid talk about financial freedom 1

  1. A blessed and ordered life. Shame isn’t it that the baby years are so quickly eaten up by the ‘have to do’s of life’. I certainly wish you all of God’s best as you continue to journey with integrity in influencing their young lives.

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