life talk with a toddler

During one of my homeschool sessions with my son; he surprisingly asked me this question: “Is it REALLY HARD to be an ADULT?”

I was really caught off guard with the question especially coming from a toddler. Many things run in my mind…Do I look stress to him? Does he think I am unhappy? What goes in that toddler mind? So, I calmly asked “Why do you say that?”

He just shrugged his shoulder and said “Well, adults have to work; homeschool their kids; go to work; take care of the family; feed the family; pay the car/house/food while kids just play and eat.”

I finally answered “You are right! Adults have to do most of the things that you mentioned but remember what I told you? Things are not hard if you love what you do. Its not a chore if you do things with joy and love. Everything is easy if you have a purpose or goal. I think it is hard being a kid because you have to listen and obey the adults and sometimes doing that makes kids sad and angry.”

He just gave me a hug and said “I guess you are right. Maybe being an adult is not hard after all, it is just as fun as being a kid”


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