kid to kid talk about fear

I sometimes take my son to the fastfood to mingle with other kids, the goal is more on him socializing with other kids than eating outside. While we were at a certain fastfood, i overheard a cute conversation between my son and a 4 year old girl about fear:

son: hi can we play? you slide then i slide then we play tag..

girl: i dont like to slide, im scared to slide, my mom says im afraid of heights, she takes me here every weekend so that i will be able to enjoy sliding but i still get scared…

son: oh!? i was scared to slide before too, i didnt know that it is so much fun until i tried..come, we will slide together, i will hold you..

girl: i dont know, its scary, its ok, you slide then we will play tag

son: but i want you to enjoy sliding too, i will help you slide..all you have to do is tell your brain, which is in your head– “not to be scared” and your body will follow what yoyr brain tells you.

girl: i didnt know that..

son: you have to try it..that’s what i do when im scared..i tell my brain not to be scared and it works..

to make the long story short, the girl was able to slide for the 1st time that day, i felt so blessed at that moment especially when the girl’s mom said “thank you so much for your son, do you know that we have been coming here for almost a year so that she will be able to conquer her fear and all it takes is a cute and wonderful conversation between kids and BAM! she is able to slide”


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