kid talk about anger

A few months ago, one of my coworker visited us at home  during my 4-week vacation and she was venting to me about the situation at work, she was not happy and was angry at the boss. She was on the verge of handing in her resignation letter, it was that bad. So while we were talking, I didn’t realize that my son was listening while he was playing with his legos. It was too late when I realized it:

coworker: hi, how are you?

son: hi, I’m good…do you know what I do when i’m angry?

coworker: no (sounding surprise), but you can tell me…when i’m angry I talk to somebody and after a while I feel ok

son: oh! that’s good! I don’t talk to somebody, I just imagine a cookie

coworker: what do you mean? imagine a cookie?

son: when I’m angry I think of a cookie and it makes me smile coz I love cookies and then I become happy again…

(LIFE! I wish it was that easy)…Believe it or not, my coworker was actually touched by the conversation. She texted me the next day saying she drew a cookie on her desk to remind her of her conversation about anger.




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