kid talk about bullying part 2

It is sometimes hard to explain to a 3-4 year old kid about bullying especially if the conversation goes like this:

son: why do you think my friend A hits me and the other kids all the time whenever we play?

i: did somebody hit your friend A first? was somebody making fun of him?

son: no mom…he is always like that, we were just playing then all of a sudden he would hit if he loses a game or if he cant wait for his turn. If i and the other kids can wait, how come he cant? i will not play with him anymore…

i: son, some kids are different. Remember what i told you beforem? in this world, some people will be nice while some people will not be. It is up to you if you want to be on the nice team and the not nice team…it is your choice.. we are always given a choice to be good or not. Oftentimes when a person is not nice, there is a reason behind it. I am not saying that its ok to be not nice. I am making you realize that not all people will be nice to you. Try to ask friend A why he does that then tell him whats good and not and that if he continues to do what he usually does he will not have friends eventually… if it doesnt work, tell his parents that friend A keeps on hitting you and the other kids and if it still doesnt work i will talk to the kid and his parents..

son: that sounds complicated but it might work…thank you..


2 thoughts on “kid talk about bullying part 2

  1. I was bullied as a kid, and my parents got so fed up they asked me why i never fought back I was like because i’m not mean and i don’t want to be like them. you’re so right usually someone mean is going through something or very unhappy to me its like why should I change and be unhappy right along with them?! lovely post


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