kid talk about bullying part 3

While i was driving home from our new year’s party with friends, my son said something from his car seat.

son: mom, my friend A doesnt hit me anymore.

i: that’s great! why do u think so?

son: i guess he forgot about hitting me, that’s why..

i: im glad he forgot about it, i didnt know that you just forget hitting people

son: i dont think so too but maybe he wanted to be on my team, the nice team. He got tired of being on the other side. I do remember what you told me before, “treat people with kindness and they will be kind to me in time” and Buddha did say that “change is permanent” so maybe my friend is changing.

I wish i will have that kind of a forgiving heart. Kids are so precious, they teach us a lot, we have so much to learn from their innocent and loving heart. Cute conversations like this humbles me so much.


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