elderly talk about blessings

Being in the healthcare set up has so many advantages, you get to talk to elderly and you are able to learn a lot from them especially since they would always say “been there, done that…” One of the memorable conversations i had with one of them was with a 90 year old lady who was married for 70 years with 5 kids– 2 of her kids were special, the other 2 were twins and the eldest was having medical issues since he was a kid. I was kind of impressed because she has a very positive outlook in life. It was so apparent when i asked her the question ” if you could change something in your life, what would it be and why?”

Her response was ” Nothing, i will not change a thing. Having 5 kids with 2 being special was very tough, there was a point when i was so overwhelmed and i have to make a very hard decision which is to take one of them to an institution. I didnt blame God or anybody, i was still thankful. I believe that every child we have whether adopted or biological is a blessing from God. He chose me to be the parents of these beautiful children, i am so lucky to have them. So many to thank for.”

I was so impressed by what this brave and beautiful lady said. She is an inspiration to everyone. She has a wonderful heart. She definitely touched mine, i hope she will touch your heart as well. 😊


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