mom, why am i brown?

Lastnight, while we were having dinner, my son asked me this question. I was really surprise of the question but i nonchalantly responded: why do you ask?

son: i am just curious…when i was born, was i already brown?

i: of course you are already brown, why? dont you like it? 

son: i like it, i was just wondering as to why others are lighter and darker than me..some people say to me, i am tan..what does tan mean? does it mean brown?

i: yes, that is what they meant.. they are telling you that they like it.. 

son: ahh, am i brown because i wash my hands and shower a lot of times?

I was trying not to laugh while explaining to him because i know this is a very important question to him: son, that is your color because that is our family’s is just like the fruit tree.. an apple tree cant have apples and oranges at the same if it is an apple tree, it bears apples..since mom and dad have this color, you also have that color…

son: oh, that’s right..apples and oranges have different mommy tree..

i: good, im glad you understand..tell you what, it is not really important what color you have, what’s important is what kind of heart do you you have a nice heart or a not nice one?

son: a nice heart..

i: that is what is important…i hope you will always remember that…

14 thoughts on “mom, why am i brown?

  1. I’m so pleased to have found your site. It is beautiful and I would like to follow your site. Maybe in following each other we will be mutual sources of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you.

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