kid talk about time

Talking about time to a 5 year old kid is for me a little complicated especially if the kid knows about earth’s rotation. Lastnight, my son just said nonchalantly “mom, what will i do while waiting for next monday? Its a long time for the week to be monday again!”

i: why do you want it to be monday again?

son: so that i can play with my ipad. (note:monday is the only day i allow my son to play ipad)

i: you can your homeschool..i thought 24 hours is not enough..

son: it is not enough sometimes but waiting for another week is so long..i wish i will be somewhere in asia..

i: why?

son: because they are ahead of us with time, i can play with my ipad when its sunday here in north america..

i: just do your homeschool and play or will notice that its monday again

son: i do my homeschool but baby’s chubbiness and cuteness distracts my heart, that is why my 24 hours is not enough but my 1 week is long..

Kids are so precious, they remind us about our perception of time, we are so excited to do future things to the point that we sometimes neglect to do the “now moment”. We sometimes forget to live by the moment…


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