kid talk about CHANGE

A few days ago, I had a serious conversation with my son about change. He knows as early as when he was 4 years old that according to Buddha “Change is permanent.” His version of this is “Everything changes, the living and the non living things included.” However, even if we talked about this multiple times, he still struggle with change. I really cant blame him because, I, sometimes have a hard time dealing with change but I think that if as a kid you know this principle, it would be easier to deal with life as we grow older.

At first I was having a hard time explaining to him why we need to embrace change. This was the conversation:

son: mom, I really don’t like change…

i: son, we already talked about this a lot of times..

son: I know I know, everything changes…even my pencil, eraser, shoes, my pet, baby, you, dad and myself…. everything inside and outside earth changes!

i: that’s right! you already know this, so why are you complaining?

son: its just hard…i know that everything changes…i just don’t want it to change, i want it to stay the same

i: i agree, most of the time we don’t like change but we cant prevent/stop change. will happen eventually so we have to embrace it…ill tell you a secret…when there is change, there is challenge because it is something different than you are used to…there is discomfort, you don’t know what to expect sometimes…but along with this is—discovery and learning; that’s very exciting then finally growth, you get to be a better kid. So, always keep in mind that when there is CHANGE– there will be challenge, discomfort, discovery, learning then GROWTH. Change is always worth to embrace.

son: wow! that’s a lot of things to remember about change…

12 thoughts on “kid talk about CHANGE

  1. Good post! Without change is stagnation. Stagnation eventually leads to death. Thankfully what is ‘living’ like human beings, life itself, politics etc etc change is what occurs naturally. Look for example at institutions or things that refuse to change. They neither grow nor live. Thank you for the challenge.

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