kid talk about “what if”

One day at work, i had a very heartwarming conversation with my coworker. I was asked this question: “what if you were given the chance to travel around the world with someone, who will that be? why?” This question gave me a moment of silence because i couldnt really decide instantly, i have to think of my husband and kids. I have to weigh things out and explain why i picked that person. I ended up thinking about this question the entire day at work. So eventually when i went home, i asked my son, i am curious of his response, i am excited to know whats on that child’s mind. I know he will have a good response, i just cant predict who will he take to travel with him. When i asked him, his response was…

son: i will take you and dad and baby

i: you have to take 1 person only.. you can take anybody, he/she can be a friend of yours or anybody you want..

son: ok… i will take baby with me.

i: why baby?

son: because baby is the cutest and i want to take her with me. You have dad and dad has you. So, i will take care of her and take her with me. After our travel, we will tell both of you of the nice places we went to then maybe baby and i can take you and dad to the beautiful places so that you will have fun too…

I was speechless and was so proud of him. I didnt expect that answer. My daughter is surely fortunate to have him as a brother.


11 thoughts on “kid talk about “what if”

  1. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. It does cause us all to think a bit. I like travelling alone so I am not ‘worried’ about someone else but if it was for a LONG TIME who could be a big question because I would want everyone I love to be with me. Interest blog post. tHANKS.

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