mom, is playing with a kid more fun than playing with a baby?

During our lunch today, my son asked me that question. I was really caught offguard with the question. I was unsure if he was testing me or trying to figure out if i would prefer baby over him or the other way around…

i: why are u asking me this question? it is both fun…

son: i just want to know which is more fun to u…i want u to choose only 1, u cant choose both…

i: but it is the same to me…they are equally fun…

son: u have to choose only 1 and tell me why…

i: ok, to me it is more fun to play with a kid because they are able to follow instructions, babies are not able to follow instructions…i am also able to understand the kid coz they tell u what they feel and want, with the baby..u have to guess sometimes…how about u?

son: ah ok…to me, it is more fun playing with a baby because they are too cute…like when we are at a party and im playing with my friends then i see our baby, i get distracted, her cuteness bothers me…it makes me stop playing with my friends and play with her…i guess baby girls are just too cute especially if they hug u back…

i: that’s sweet…maybe when she gets older, u have to tell her that, she would love that..she is so fortunate/blessed to have u as her brother…


6 thoughts on “mom, is playing with a kid more fun than playing with a baby?

  1. This is a beautiful post. Your son sounds a delightful and intelligent son with such an ability to think and reason through choices. thank you for postings. Nurture and keep asking and answering his questions. (by the way stunning picture at the beginning of this site. Cheers! )

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