kid talk about choice part 2

Lastnight, before sending my son to sleep, i asked him which is more fun to play with: a toy or a kid?

son: ahhhh, a kid to me is more fun to play with than a toy

i: why is it more fun?

son: because the kid talk and move and play with me while a toy doesnt…a toy is also fun but playing with a kid is more fun…how about u mom? let me guess, you will choose the toy, right?

i: if i were a kid, playing with another kid will be more fun to me than a toy…why did u say i will choose the toy over the kid?

son: oh, i was thinking u will choose the toy because you dont want it when its too noisy, kids are noisy while playing with a toy is quiet…that is why i thought u like the toy over the kid.

i: it is always fun when you play with a person compared to a toy like ipad, train or any other toys…but when u become an adult, there will be times when u want to have some silence so that u can think better..there are times when u just want to spend time with urself and relax…but it doesnt mean that u will not spend time with other people…playing/interacting with other people makes u learn from others and share ideas and with that, u grow to be a better person…


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