talk about snow

Today is the day when east cost will have 8-12 inches of snow. With this, a lot of things goes to an adults mind: do i go to work?  would i be safe driving? would i make it in? do i need a babysitter for my kid since they will not go to school? do they have school today?… All of these and more will run through our mind. But do u know what goes into a kids mind when there is a snowstorm?

son: mom, its snowing, its snowing!

i: i know i know, i have to go to work, hopefully the roads will be good..

son: it will be ok…yehey its snowing, yehey its snowing…

i: why are u happy? dont u know that people might get stuck because of the snow? some may not be able to make it in to work or home…some may have an accident…

son: oh, i didnt think about that mom, i am happy because i will be able to play in the snow…remember u told me that we always have to enjoy every moment? dont worry about the snow…just enjoy it…u will realize it is really fun…some might be sad or angry about it but others will be happy about it too…

i: u are right…maybe i should enjoy it..after all, its part of nature..we cant control it, we just have to look at the best of every situation…


4 thoughts on “talk about snow

  1. Interesting thoughts in this blog. If only we could see the good in all situations. Being contented in whatever circumstances we are faced with would mean we would never have to strive to be ‘happy’ but happy would be the normal seeing the potential and best in everything. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. ur welcome faye…kids usually think the best in every situation…unlike adults, we always think ahead, thats when we start to get worried and stressed…but maybe kids, we try to look at the best in every situation, people will be happier…☺


  2. Having lived in Maryland and Pennsylvania, I know the fears that snow can bring. Once we went three days without water, heat, or electricity. I remember the earnest prayers for my husband’s safety while he was driving in it. Thanks for the follow.

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