kid talk about rain

Since i shared about the conversation i had with my son about snow, i would like to take this time to share our conversation about rain a year ago…Every time it rains i am always reminded of this conversation…

One rainy afternoon, i was taking my son to go to his yearly appointment with his pediatrician…

i: oh no! its raining, i really hate it when it rains especially when im driving…

son: mom, rain is good…its always fun to play in the rain…

i: i dont like it when it rains…i like the sun more than the rain…

son: but mom, if there will be no rain, then there will be no plants and flowers…remember, u told me that plants and living things need water?  and u also said that u like looking at the flowers…u will not be able to see beautiful flowers and view when u are driving if there will be no rain…the farmers are usually happy when it rains…we will be able to pick good fruits if the trees had enough rain…

i: oh ur right, i should not complain…rain is important.. i should enjoy rain even when driving… thank u for reminding me…(to be honest, i was embarrassed with myself, a 4 year old kid was teaching me not to complain and to enjoy every situation)


8 thoughts on “kid talk about rain

  1. A beautiful and gentle reminder. If ONLY we could live this way. Give thanks in all circumstances (It is the pathway to a serene life and contentment (far better than any happiness only found by STRIVING or trying to change things which can’t be changed..

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    1. ur right, if only..but unfortunately, it is human nature to complain…i am guilty of this…i am trying my best to see the good thing in everything, i fail most of the time but my son reminds me to have a heart like the kids heart…it is usually hard especially since i am a parent, i always think ahead…i guess i just have to increase my faith and trust in Him that everything will always be ok…He will take care of everything as long as i learn to seek His kingdom 1st in all situation


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