kid talk about love part 2

This is a follow up conversation from part 1. So when my son compared love to an ipad, i asked him:

i: so if ur love recharges like the iPad, how many minutes does it take to go back to 100%?

son: from 2 hours to 1 day…

i: what?! why 2 hours to 1 day? 

son: mom, if i get angry at a person or at something that somebody did, my love goes down to 99 percent then goes back up to 100 percent in 2 hours if i really really like the person…if not really, it takes almost 1 day to recharge to 100 percent…

i: so, who are the people that u really really like?

son: hmmm, family of course, the others not really but even if i really dont like them, i try to like them so that i would love them 100 percent again…then i dont get angry. anymore then i play with them again…

i: how do u try to like them?

son: it’s easy, i just tell my brain that i like them a lot lot lot then my love recharges back to 100 percent…i dont get angry anymore…

i: wow, that’s amazing! i didnt realize it is that easy…

son: it is really easy, u just have to tell ur brain then that’s it…after all, i think they also get annoyed at me when u get angry at me but u still love me 100 percent…so i just tell myself not to be angry anymore and love again that person 100 percent…it is that easy, why? u dont do that mom?

I really wish i can be like that…i learned something from a kid, i hope u will be able to learn something from this simple conversation as well…


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