kid talk about love

Lastnight before going to sleep, i had a conversation with my son about love. 

i: goodnight, i love u, sleep tight, dont let the bugs bite…

son: goodnight mom, i love u…we love u…baby, dad and i loves u…

i: i know..and we love u too…just like we all love baby and dad…

son: do u know that sometimes i am angry at u and dad or baby…

i: it’s ok to be angry at times…but does that mean that u stop loving us when u get angry?

son: when baby broke my toy car or tore my favorite book, i was angry at what she did and a little bit angry at her…i love her 100 percent and when she did that i love her 99 percent…

i: does that mean that every time u get angry at her ur love for her gets lesser and lesser?

son: oh no, what im saying is…if im angry at her, i get angry at what she does and a little bit at her…so instead of 100 percent love, it becomes 99 percent…then i realize she is a baby…then my love for her recharges…just like my ipad…it gets low battery then it recharges…it always goes back to 100 percent…


11 thoughts on “kid talk about love

  1. Great blog.. If only we could all keep charging our LOVE for each other and our wider world. Keep it up to 100% and see the hearts beyond the ‘externals’. Be free to be ‘angry’ but know we must recharge so we can ‘begin again’. Yes love must be spoken. Emotion is only a superficial expression of the depths of love to which each one of us is capable.

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