kid talk about losing part 2

I made my son watched the talk of Angela Duckworth–Grit… He was so amazed and made good comments…

son: so mom, if we fail, it makes our brain grow…so if i lose in chess or in a game i should think about that so that i will be happy. It really makes me angry at times because i try so hard and i still lose…

i: that is a good way to accept defeat…

son: right! that’s why baby learned to walk at 9 months because she didnt get angry or feel bad every time she falls, she tried and tried, that is why she is running and climbing now…next thing we know she will be riding the bike…i guess she will learn to bike faster than i because she is never scared. 

i: you are definitely right about that but now that u know that it is good to lose or fail, then maybe u will be able to have more fun playing…

son: yes! win or lose it is good for me and my brain…i will learn more and have more fun knowing that it is still a win for me…wow! that is really wonderful…i should teach baby that so that she will not be angry or frustrated if she falls or fails…

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