talk about fathers

Today is my father’s birthday. Despite him being born on a leap year, we were able to convince him to celebrate his birthday on the 28th of February. 

I want to honor this day for my dad “tatay”. We love u always and we are so proud of u and if we are given the choice to choose our parents, we will definitely choose u as our father.

Every time i think of u or speak with u over the phone, i am always reminded of the 3 things u taught me. Back then, i didnt realize how important they were. You taught us these:

  1. being honest— as far as i can remember, u always tell us to be honest at all times even if it hurts…to be honest with words, food, money…
  2. being cool— u were and is always cool, i always wonder why u never worry…when i was young i thought u just didnt care but i was wrong, u do care but u just didnt worry…
  3. being loyal and loving— family was always ur 1st priority… u taught us that family will never be replaced, that is why we have to value them always.

These values are very much needed in this new world. Thank you for preparing us for this, i dont think i will be able to be this person without this teachings. I hope i will be able to pass this on to my children.

Again, THANK YOU for being a father and for being my father..😉


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