talk about mothers

Today is the birthday of our beloved “nanay” (it means mother in english). She is simple yet strong, strict yet loving. She taught us many things that helped us to become good/better person as we grow older. Every time i think of her or talk to her, i am reminded of the following values that she shared to us:

1.being strong— she taught us the value of standing up and not backing down despite hardship and obstacles.

2. being faithful— she always remind us to pray no matter what the situation is. She taught us the value of prayer and faith in God.

3. being a minimalist— she showed us to appreciate relationship/experience over things. She taught us the difference between wants and needs. She made us realize that having less is more.

We love u and we are so proud of u. We are so thankful to be your kids. Thank you for all the sacrifices and love. May u continue to share good values to ur grandkids….


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