kid talk about snowstorm

During the snowstorm, my son said to me: i know a lot of people are not happy with the snowstorm but i am sorry to say i am excited…

i: u are excited because u can play, right?

son: yeah (saying shyly)…how did u read my mind?

i: i just know it…

son: i guess a lot of kids are so happy today, they will be enjoying the snow as much as i…a lot of moms and dads will be sad, i know it but i guess when they were kids, they were excited having the snow…right?

i: i guess u are right…

son: i knew it!…maybe when i get to be an adult, i will not be as excited as now…it is really fun to be a kid…i wish i will still be excited when that time comes…

i: u can still be excited, it is just a matter of ur attitude towards it…


6 thoughts on “kid talk about snowstorm

  1. lovely conversation. I believe when we are children the focus is naturally all about ourselves. Growing up of course means we must care for responsibilities. Enjoying just ‘hanging out in snow or rain or water etc etc) can mean having to be less responsible to other ‘stuff’. One of the joys of being a grandparent is that some who retain childlike appreciation for the world can lie in the snow with children and enjoy every second. Just a thought……sometimes Seasons in our life give us less chance to BE because we are responsible to DO.

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