kid talk about timeout

My son told me as soon as i went home from work yesterday that he was put on timeout by tatay (dialect for father). So i asked him what happened.

son: i didnt listen to him, so he put me on timeout by making me face the wall and not watch the tv…

i: oh i see… did u cry while on timeout?

son: no i didnt!

i: really?! that’s very surprising coz u always cry when put on timeout…

son: i know i know but i realized that when i cry while on timeout i wouldnt be able to listen to the tv…since he didnt allow me to watch, maybe i could listen to it…i was right! i was able to listen to it…


5 thoughts on “kid talk about timeout

  1. Smart kid! Deeper implications for us all. If we said less we could hear more. If we stopped complaining sometimes we might find we too were missing something better. Thanks for blog.

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