kid talk about driving

We were watching tv after dinner when my son said:

son: it is not good to call or txt while driving, right?

i: yes, because a lot of bad things could happen if people get distracted while driving…just like what you saw on tv…

son: yeah! that’s why it is not allowed but a lot of people doesn’t follow it…

i: because they don’t realize the consequence/outcome of such situation…people tend to do things without much thinking…

son: i guess so…but u know what, i know how people can txt or call while driving without causing an accident…

i: how?

son: by having a monster truck…remember the movie thst we watched a few weeks ago? (he was referring to the movie monster truck wherein the truck was being driven/moved by an octopus-like creature)

i: oh, that movie!

son: yes! i think if you have that kind of vehicle, then that’s the only time you can txt and drive…since it is just a movie and is not real then people cant txt or call while driving…


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