kid talk about earning money

My son knows why wr have to go to work. One day, he made a request if it’s possible for me to work 3 days in a week instead of 4 days…

i: i dont think that its possible at this time…we need to pay our bills and we need to save money so that we can invest it…

son: i know i know but i have a plan…u will work 3 days a week and i will put up a show, i will make people pay 10 cents only for my show…that way, you can have one more day off…

i: that is a good idea but to put up a show u need to have money also, i dont know if people will watch the show…

son: oh! i didnt think about that… i have another idea…maybe ill make a book then maybe people will like it then we can have money…is it ok if the book has 5 pages only?

i: it is a great idea! yes, 5 pages is ok…but u have to start making the book…what topic will you have?

son: i started already, im on my 2nd page…its about planets…

i: ok, that is wonderful! thank you for the ideas! but it would be best if you enjoy being a kid and not worry or think about how to make money…

son: its ok, it is for our family…

(i didnt know what to say, it seems like im talking to an adult and not to a kid)


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