kid talk about trees

While we were watching This Old House, my son made a comment…

son: why do they have to cut the trees?

i: they are planning to build a bigger house and the trees are on the way…

son: oh no! that is a bad idea…

i: why do u say so?

son: because the animals living in those trees will die…they need the trees…do u know that tree frog doesnt come down from trees? if u cut the tree, they will have no place to stay… they will die…

i: so, what do they need to do with the trees then?

son: they just have to leave it alone, they can have a medium size house…so everyone will be happy…the tree, the animals and the people living in the house…everybody has to share this beautiful earth…


2 thoughts on “kid talk about trees

  1. Oh how this blog made my heart ache. From a little girl this has always been my heart cry. Yet it still goes on. We are losing our habitat at an alarming rate and yet still….all about money…all about development….Living simply with and in the midst of nature what a better world we could then have. Please encourage your child…..The future in the hands of the ones who will still see and voice an opinion is vital. We live on a property where every tree possible has been saved but we are surrounded by treeless farmland. (while we live our place is a sanctuary for trees, birds, koalas, kangaroos and yes we do have a smaller house. Certainly enough for us. Blessings!

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