kid talk about homeschooling vs going to a regular school

I have been homeschooling my son for a few months now and it seems like its getting overwhelming so i finally told him that he will be going to a regular school.

son: oh no! i want to be homeschooled, i dont want to go to school, its a long time..

i: but u need to try it because there are times when its hard for me to do it because i have to go to work…

son: ok, i guess i will go to school then because u already paid for it. I dont want to waste the money..I guess there are times when we have to do things even if we dont want to…

i: (i felt so bad hearing him say this but at the same time thankful that he realizes that there will be a time in our lives when we need to do things even if we dont like to do it because its necessary) thank u son…i tell u what, try it for 1 year and if u really dont like it…we will homeschool u…i just want u to try it so that u can really compare things out…

son: thank u so much (saying this while giving me a hug)


9 thoughts on “kid talk about homeschooling vs going to a regular school

  1. If you have researched and found a school which teaches Christian values as well as educates he will be enriched by the year. Hope it is a great journey for you both. He once again has displayed amazing understanding.

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    1. thanks for the input faye….i really appreciate it a lot…i hope im making the right decision but i did tell him if he will not like it with a valud reason…we will find ways on how to manage time so that he can homeschool again…sometimes during homeschool, he asks a lot of questions that i feel inept to answer those questions, despite research and reading…i was hoping school will be good for him…or maybe for myself…will surrender it to God, He will lead us…pls help us pray so that we will be sensitive to God’s plan for us…thanks again

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  2. I can imagine working and homeschooling a child is a big challenge. If you did decide to continue because your son enjoys it so much and for all the benefits of homeschooling, there are other working parents who make both work and perhaps seeing how they do it might help you find balance. Just a thought. Best of luck with whatever happens. I just know our schools are not improving and there is a lot going on there which many parents are unaware.

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