kid talk about time/day

Monday is the only day when i make my son play with the IPAD. However, last monday he tried to negotiate with me…

son: mom, is it ok if i play with my IPAd on tuesday for 1 hour since i didnt get to play with my IPAD today for more than 6 hours because i have to go to the practice, i do like games but i like my IPAD too..

i: ok, i will let u play with ur IPAd for half a day on tuesday..

son: thank u…

So, tuesday came and as soon as i went home my son said…

son: mom, dad made me play IPAD for 4 hours only…he should have made me play for 12 hours since 1 day is 24 hours and half of 24 is 12…

i: son, what i meant of half day is half day of daytime..

son: ohhh, but half of 12 hours is 6, not 4 hours…

i: son, u are right but usually half day is from 8am to 12pm…im sorry i should have been more specific but 4 hours was way better than 1 hour…

son: i guess u are right…


9 thoughts on “kid talk about time/day

  1. This is a very good parenting idea. A lot of kids are hooked on the gadgets today to their own peril. Sometimes I wonder what did children do before the gadgets were available. How do you keep your child engaged on other days?

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    1. i have group his toys/materials into arts, letters/numbers, puzzles etc with books…put each in a box with label and he can do whatever he wants then make sure he returns it back….i have been strict with him that ipad is only monday…so if its not monday, he doesnt do it even if he sees it on the table…i dont put password as well…i make him realize i trust him…he knows that if he breaks the rulen he will not be able to use the ipad on that week….so far it has been working

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  2. This is great. My sister lets her son use his tablet daily, mostly to watch shows. Now it’s t a point where he doesn’t even want to take a 30min car ride without it. I wish she’d read this and take heed! I may mention this to her. Thank you!

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  3. This is so IMPORTANT. Many of our young sadly are being lost to ‘real’ interaction with others because of the technology. Please keep your rule and don’t be persuaded otherwise. I admire consistency and you deserve the title smart and practical parenting. As a grandmother I applaud you and your son for ‘listening’ and for your supportive husband. Together you will parent a rounded new generation not a spaced out technological savvy – sadly many cannot even write a greeting card on a special occasion. Teenagers….Write a letter? why would I? …………good reasons……life holds so much more than the ipads etc.

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    1. thanks again faye…sometimes i feel really bad especially when we attend parties because kids are playing with their gadgets and my son is just an onlooker, i know he wanted to play with their iPad but he doesnt say it…he just makes comments on how this kid plays this and the other kid plays this…i feel like giving in sometimes but i usually hold myself…i just dont know if i can keep it up…hopefully with God’s grace my husband and i will continue to be consistent

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