kid talk about caring

Yesterday…Sunday, was an important day for my son, he was excited for the baseball clinic…So everyone in the house was busy preparing… All of a sudden my son yelled…

son: mom, dad…baby got something that is sharp!

So immeditely both my husband and i ran to both of them…We saw our daughter holding what looked like a push pin…We didnt know where it came from, it might be from our homeschool supplies…This was the 1st time that it happened but the funny thing was what my son said to my daughter…

son: phew baby, u are hurting my heart…

i: what do u mean by that?

son: when i saw her with that sharp thing, i thought she will hurt herself, i got so worried, i felt like my heart was hurting…

i: that is because u care and love her…That is how we feel if one of u is not listening and we are anticipating that u will get hurt…

son: oh no, that is not a good feeling…

i: i know but that is how u feel if the person u care or love is in trouble/danger or will be in trouble/danger…

My son got so quiet, then he hugged the baby saying: dont do it again baby, ok? my heart was hurting when u did that..

She is one lucky and fortunate baby…


48 thoughts on “kid talk about caring

      1. good….exams are not the basis of success…in the real world, it doesnt matter if u were always perfect or good in ur exams or notn what matters most is on how u deal with people and on how u deal with ur life situation…smile…everything will be ok

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  1. Keep being the supporting and encouraging parents you must be and affirming what you son is voicing. Your son appears to be the very makings of an intelligent and caring man for the future.

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