kid talk about buying a bat pack

We were at the store today trying to find a bat pack. While we were at the store, my son said…

son: oh no! this is too expensive…59.95 dollars! that is a lot of money…Buying this bag is like thinking between energy and money…

I was so confused as to why he is saying this. So i asked: what do u mean by money vs energy?

son: What i mean is, right now i am carrying my glove, helmet, hat and bat to the baseball game/practice…it needs a lot of energy to do that…but if we buy this bag, it will not need a lot of energy for me to carry my things…it will require less energy but money because this is expensive if we buy this….

i: oh i see…so what do u think?

son: its ok mom, i will just carry my things, it will require more energy but no money…with the bag it requires money and energy…i am still a kid, i have lots of energy anyway…

So, we end up not buying the bag…


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