kid talk about baseball vs soccer

I enrolled my son in baseball and soccer this fall because he wants to be part of it and because he wants to try it for the 1st time. My only requirement for him to join, is to enjoy the game and learn something from it. To my surprise, he outdid himself by exhibiting or developing good insight towards the games. Please see conversation below:

i: son, today is ur baseball and soccer game…it is also at the same time…which game will u attend?

With this question, my husband and i seemed to know the answer already. He is surprisingly good at baseball and he knows that he is not good at soccer, he would often tell us that he is scared of the ball but he would run after it… So while i was preparing his uniform for baseball without waiting for his response, he told me this..

son: i will go to my soccer game…

i: why? (i was really surprised)

son: i know i am better in baseball and i suck at soccer but i will go to my soccer game so that i can improve my soccer skills… it is not about winning…u told me…as long as im learning and enjoying, that is all that matters…

I didnt expect this response and was humbled by him. To be honest, if it was myself, i would go to the baseball game knowing that i will enjoy it more because the chances of winning is great. My son really taught me something during that moment…such awesome insight…


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