kid talk about earning money part 2

While we were going to the grocery store, my son asked me this question..

son: mom, is it hard to get 1 dollar?

i: what do u mean? 4 quarters is 1 dollar…

son: i know that, what im asking is if it is hard to make a dollar…

i: u mean…earning or getting 1 dollar?

son: yes, because no one will just give u a dollar for free, right?

i: right! no one will hand u a dollar for free…it depends on the person looking for the money…if a person is lazy, it is hard for that person to make money…if the person is very picky with work then it might be harder…

son: so u mean to say, i can make 1 dollar if i want to?

i: yes…

son: oh? or i could sell my paintings, right?

i: right! why are u asking me this question?

son: i was just wondering because we have to pay for everything…just like the gas. food and other if a person doesnt have money, then that person might not be able to eat, sleep in bed or even travel…

i: yes…u are right about that…

son: so, what happens to them? does anybody help them at all? maybe the people with much money should share to those people who has none as long as the person who has none is not lazy…


5 thoughts on “kid talk about earning money part 2

  1. So true. It leaves the conversation open to explain too about the joy of ‘giving’ to others when you KNOW their need is genuine. Sowing and reaping in money is a Godly principle worth explaining to young ones as well. Ethics of earning an honest dollar and the holding lightly of it and the preparedness to give to ‘others’ in time of need. Oh the opportunities presented to parents. The ones who talk to their children and discuss such stuff. Blessings!

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    1. thank u faye….i did talk to him about the sowing and reaping…about God loving a cheerful giver…that will be in one of my upcoming posts…enjoy ur day…i am so blessed to have u share ur insights…it helps me a lot in ways u dont know…thank u again


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