kid talk about patience

I was surprised one day when all of a sudden my son said…

son: patience patience baby…u really need it here on earth…

i: why are you saying that?

son: i am teaching baby to wait because she cant wait…when she wants something, she wants it right away…it doesnt work that day…in life u have to learn to wait…

i: wooahh! who said that to u? where did u learn that?

son: i learned it myself, i noticed that we always have to wait…anywhere! we wait in line at the grocery store before we pay, we wait to be able to go into the bathroom sometimes, we wait to go to a place like crayola factory because there is a big line, we wait to be able to have a ride in the water park, we even wait in church…we wait in line when we do communion…

i: wow! i am amazed at you…very insightful and observant… u are right about that son…we have to learn how to wait…it is really an important thing to learn in life so u will be happy and content….so how is baby? is she learning how to wait?

son: i think so but it is hard for her…maybe it is hard for a baby to wait…she can only wait upto 3 counts…maybe…after a few days, she can wait up until 10 counts….

i: maybe…thank u son….good teaching patience to ur sister….


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