kid talk about solar system

My son loves the solar system. He loves to go to the planetarium and anything that deals with space and the universe… A few minutes ago, i asked him why he likes it… he answered…

son: it is a lot of discovery, it is always a surprise…when u discover something, it doesnt stop…u have to discover more then more…it is like infinity…

i: i know…but isnt it frustrating? u cant really find the real answer…

son: it is fun! it is challenging, it surprises us… u realize that what u think before is true or not true…like Pluto…u thought is was a is not! it is a dwarf planet…

i: i dont think i like it… with all the changes and discoveries…

son: i love it! it is like growing, u learn something each time…u change ur thinking all the time…it is kind of cool to me…i am excited with the new discoveries…imagine! if they discover life in saturn! 


4 thoughts on “kid talk about solar system

  1. Thank you for sharing. This is inspirational and we could all learn a little from his excitement and expectancy. We perhaps should also be excited about each new day and its infinite possibilities.

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