kid talk about annoyance

I have been getting cranky everytime i go home from work. I think it is the stress from work that is doing it. I have been trying not to get grumpy as i go home. Lastnight, after my son took a shower, he said:

son: do u have a lot of annoying patients today?

i: what do u mean?

son: i just thought u have difficult patients…u look tired…

i: there will always be annoying people in our lives but it is up to us if we will make ourselves annoyed or not…

son: that is right! but annoying kids are ok because they are kids, they dont know what they are doing, adults know that they are being annoying, right? that is hard, right?

i: son, kids will never be annoying…u might think that kids are annoying because i tell u not to annoy me at times but it is my fault…i just get too tired from work that i dont want to be bothered… kids are gift from God…they will never be annoying…

son: oh, i didnt know that…


2 thoughts on “kid talk about annoyance

  1. if only all parents would realize this. Children need to grow and learn about what annoyance really is before they can exercise self-control. (Parents all need to remember this). Thanks for blog.

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