kid talk about stress

As we were having dinner, i was telling my husband how stressful it is lately at my workplace. I mentioned that everybody seemed stress, the patients and the workers as well. While i was talking, my son all of a sudden said…

son: mom, it is just a matter of perception…

Of course, it seemed like the world stopped rotating…both my husband and i just looked at each other for 5 seconds…then i said

i:  what do u mean?

son: it is just ur perception…u may think it is stressful, so it is…if u think otherwise..then it will not be… just remember what u always tell me that everything changes….

i: who told u about perception?

son: nobody, i learned in tv what percetion means so i am telling u that whatever is stressful to u and others may not be stressful to somebody…it is a matter of how u perceive it…am i wrong?

i: u are def right! i actually havent think of it that way…thank u for ur wonderful insight!

4 thoughts on “kid talk about stress

  1. Perception. Wise words from your young son. Food for thought. What we ‘feel’ and what we ‘see’ must always come from the perception and understanding of how we are processing it. Ie Are we in a good place or in an ‘overtired’ or ‘uncomfortable’ place?. You have caused me to think. Thank you.

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