kid talk about work part 2

While i was baking apple orange bread, my son said “i have a lot of work but so too little time”

I was caught off guard by his statement, so i asked him what does he mean by that.

He answered “i have so many jobs, i have to do my homeschool work..i have to do my legos..i have to do my basketball practice..i have to sleep..i have to eat..i have to play with many things to do and i only have 24 hours, that’s too short…”

I have to explain that each person is given 24 hours everyday, we have to learn to manage our time so that we are able to do our job or work..we have to learn to prioritize our activities, we have to do whats important to us..we have to learn to balance our time so that we will always be happy and content… (it is sometimes hard to explain to a kid about all this things, i wish it is so easy)


2 thoughts on “kid talk about work part 2

  1. Yes! When we think about a kid, we might see like he has a lot of time and no errands to run. But at every point of life, every being has a lot do in a limited 24 hours. It’s never enough, whether you’re 4 or 40 years old


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