kid talk about chess

Recently, my son has been learning to play the game of chess. Of course, he wonders why the king doesnt have the move of the queen and why is the queen protecting the king and not the other way around..

son: mom, why cant the king protect the pawns and the officers?(meaning the rook, knight, bishop, queen). Why does it need protection from the others?

i: because he is the leader and ruler of the kingdom, if the king dies then the castle is taken over by the other king..

son: oh, that’s why… i just wonder, because the queen is trying all the time to protect the king, its just like baby trying to protect me, it should be the boy protecting the girl..

i: in chess, everybody is protecting the king because he is the leader, without the leader, there might be chaos and there will be no peace..

son: but shouldnt the king protect its people? he shouldnt be the king if he cant protect its kingdom..he shouldnt be called a leader if he cant lead his people…

This was the end of the conversation because i dont know how to explain and answer… I wish it is easy to explain things to a 5 year old…Note: any inputs is greatly appreciated😊


9 thoughts on “kid talk about chess

  1. I like the fact that the queen has more power than the king. I am sorry that’s a cynical thing to say. So, don’t say that your son.

    Chess is a game about war strategy. So each military will defend and protect its king from the enemy, otherwise there will be chaos.

    When it comes to administration, a king doesn’t need much, but he had security services, just the way our nation’s leaders do.

    In governance, A king is supposed to protect his subject in the way that your son describes..

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    1. thank you for the input, i will relay that to him…sometimes its hard to explain to a kid…thats one of the reason why i enjoy blogging coz i can share input and ask help when needed from fellow bloggers like you…thanks again, i really appreciate it a lot, enjoy ur day


  2. I thought long about your question here. In a bee hive for example a Queen must be served by ‘everyone’ all drones and the male is of no importance’ all the society would collapse. But that’s about bees. Chess is a war strategy game and based on ancient traditions of Divine Right of Kings etc. In our world it is vital I believe that you son maintains what he has shared with you. In the Kingdom that is not of this world ie The Heavenly Kingdom …..All people are equal….men and women but the great Leader cares, guards and protects His People eternally. Real men on this earth are gentle, kind, loving and nurturing BUT fiercely protective of women and ones in their care. My two sons asked similar questions to your 5 year old. All we could ever do was tell them our TRUTH about what men are supposed to be like on earth and the Shepherd that leads us ‘higher’. Mistakes and rebellion occurred but today two fine grown-up sons protective and proud husbands and fathers are the result.. Nurturing is your role for your son. You can only ever do you best.!

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    1. thank you so much for sharing your insight about this..i will explain it to him…i was thinking that he was referring to God about being a leader and protecting HiS people…i just couldnt explain it..but explaining to him about the ways on earth and the kingdom in heaven would make him understand better the role of the king in the game…thanks again


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