kid talk about tv

I had a mind opening conversation with my son about tv…

son: mom, i think watching tv makes you dull..

i: why do you say that? You have been watching tv almost all day long

son: i mean, not all thats in the tv is true because i watch something today and the kid says that the stars twinkle…we know that it doesnt twinkle, it just looks like it does from earth because of the moving air…if didnt know that, i would think like the kid on tv…

mom: not everything that is on tv is true, lets take a look at the advertisement, most of it are not true, they just say it so that you will buy the products..

son: how will i be able to know if what is on tv is true or not? it is hard to tell, are you able to tell?

i: i wouldnt be able to tell unless i tried the product or item…i would only be able to tell if i know an information for a fact like when you knew that stars dont twinkle..that is why you dont easily believe what is said, you have to check or investigate and really analyze…it is hard most of the time but at least its good that you realize as early as now that there are truths and lies everywhere

son: oh! why cant it be all truth? that way we will not be dupe..

i: because that is how it is, there is always good and bad, truth and lies..that is why you are always given the choice, the choice to do good and bad, the choice to say the truth or not, the choice to believe or not….

son: oh, its complicated…


4 thoughts on “kid talk about tv

  1. Indeed. ‘free-will’ is a gift. We are not puppets on a string. Free-will gives us ALL choices. Yes we can ‘choose’ to LOVE, ‘Choose to be MEAN. Choose KINDNESS over a horrible attitude. We can also ‘choose’ whether or not to believe in Someone ‘Higher than ourselves’. Then we have to choose which example of DIVINITY is Truth and where in the world does deception and lies come from.(One clear pointer I have discovered is now I believe only my God is a creator. Deception in all forms can only copy or manufacture artificially. The only thing deception cannot copy is….DIVINE LOVE. ‘Choosing’ to look for personal TRUTH is a journey all on its own. My hope is that all who come after me will continue to keep clarifying their own TRUTH and not get it second-hand from anyone else. Be the nurturer and encouraging influence in the life of your son. Its your greatest gift to him. .

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