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Anger is a very strong emotion that can ruin health, disposition and relationship. People have different ways of coping anger. My son is able to cope anger by thinking of a cookie, he stated that thinking of his favorite cookie calms him and make his anger go away. I, on the other hand cope with anger by shutting down, i dont yell like others, or bang things to make a statement or make snide comments to instigate anger on others. I just shut down, i stop talking to the people im angry to. If talking is necessary, i try to be very civil to this people, “no show”of emotion. I thought that it was the best way of coping anger and i thought it was best for everybody. I didnt realize that most of the people i know would rather have somebody yelling, banging things, making snide comments. I didnt know that coping anger the low key way is worse than doing it the physical way. Now, i know… So, how do you cope with anger? Comments, suggestions, reactions are welcome.


12 thoughts on “talk about anger

  1. This is a great interactive blog on which to comment. Anger is such a personal difficulty. For some people they can control it without a problem. For others their very personality means they are both passionate in a good way and passionate in a bad way. Anger is not always wrong. The example in the Bible of Jesus who was so angry that people had ‘defiled’ a holy place……He overturned tables (imagine the crash) he drove out animals. He spoke harshly……but and this is the big BUT He did not hurt anyone, He did not use anger against or physically harm anyone. What He was angry about was something wrong. it was a spiritual necessity. I struggle with anger. I can ‘blow my top’ about stuff. I do believe I have a free will choice. I share this with my children. I can mentally ‘choose’ not to be angry to an extent where I physically or emotionally HARM someone. Breathe, deeply one to three, speak slowly but also speak clearly for eg. I hate what you are doing. I personally HATE this action. If possible affirm the person…’re fine but your actions, are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. A soft answer turns away wrath. (This bible quote is valuable.) Once I used it and what happened both shocked and surprised me) Not sure if I recommend it. What do you think? A group of foul-mouthed young folk in a car hooned past me. They called out the window ‘ Get out the road you GIT! An instant tide of fury washed over me. I was about to roar out the window when the thought came. Soft response. I held up my hand and called back ‘Bless you each one. Have a great day!’ Next thing I saw through my rear vision window they had left the road and were stopped in a grassy park area. Four young men were looking after me with stunned expressions on their faces. Unhurt but……..Inside me Peace, perfect peace. ?

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    1. hi faye, this is great..thank you for sharing this..i will try to remember this everytime i am angry…i rarely get angry but when i do, its scary..even to me its scary… everytime you make a comment, its really helpful, i appreciate ur honesty and ur wisdom…this is one of the reason why i enjoy blogging…may God continue to bless u more…


  2. I would say, Anger is poison. The more we let it grow and accumulate the worse it gets. Honestly, I still don’t think I have control over my anger but I don’t throw anything. Earlier when I was angry I would just pause and allow myself to absorb the situation and use my mind to react in the best possible way. Because when we get angry we tend to lose our control and thinking. Now I do think get angry much, but do get angry when I find people taking others for granted. These kind of people need to be warned and they must be warned seriously, sometimes expressive anger is essential! As long as we stay in our limits and be expressive for the right reasons anger is a good thing.

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    1. i agree,sometimes expressive anger is essential..i just dont want to experience it coz it would only lead to stress to my mind and body…thats why, i try control it as much as i can manage but most of the time its hard…thanks for the input..i really appreciate it a lot

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    1. im glad u could relate…make sure u make up before the day ends..its not worth it…although, when ur in that state of emotion, u would not think of it…but the truth is, its not really worth the stress…hope everything will turn ok…will def check ur site…


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