talk about the BIG 8 (8 things i’ve learned from working 8 years in the nursing home)

I have been happily working in the nursing home for 8 years. These are the things that i have learned and realized that helped me grow to be a better/bitter person.

  1. leaving your family member in the nursing home is acceptable and normal = i grew up in a country without a single nursing home, so imagine the shock i have felt when a family member would leave their parents/loved ones in the nursing home forever.
  2. common sense is not common = doing an inservice to fellow workers is mind whacking, despite showing pictures and demonstrating the proper way with step by step procedures, staff still couldnt get it.
  3. living in the irony of life = working in the healthcare system, we have to pay high cost medical/dental insurance…imagine paying $1100 per month for a family with a $4000 deductible and $12000 maximum out of pocket
  4. if you worked all your life, you will get less when you get older but if you didnt work at all, you get all the perks medicaid/section blah blah can give you = Unfortunately, patients who have worked all their lives saving money and owning a house should give up everything just to be able to live in the nuring home. However, those who didnt work a day in their lives can live in the nursing home without spending a thing since they dont have anything to spend anyway.
  5. there is no place like home = patients who doesnt have a choice but to stay in a nursing home because they are not safe to go back home alone or whose family is not able to care for them anymore are lonely. They always remind me of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz saying there is no place like home.
  6. not to take patient’s nasty comments personally = how will you react if a patient you are helping to get better will tell you to “go back to your country, you are just milking the foreigners” or somebdoy saying ” i dont want to see anybody oriental” All i can say is that every person is entitled to its own opinion, if that is how some patients see me, so be it. I cant change their beliefs. I just have to remember that they must have been brought up that way or there is a reason as to why some people have a strong dislike to others.
  7. people working in the nursing home are easily burned out = staff resolves the facility’s problems, patient’s problems, other staff’s problems and when you go home, you have to deal with your own problem and family issues.
  8. my kids might leave me in a nursing home in my old age = it is funny, when i told my husband about this, he seemed sad but i told him ” we grew up in a place where there is no nursing home, so we will never think of leaving our parents in a nursing home but we are in this country wherein you see nursing homes everywhere and part of the culture here is leaving your parents in this place when the right time comes, so i have trained myself to accept the fact that we will end up in one of the nursing homes. It is painful thinking about this but this is our kids culture so we have to accept it. This could be prevented if we go back and retire in the place where we were born.”

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