kid talk about 5 things learned in 5 years

One sunday morning before going to church, i asked my son to give me 5 things he learned about life…

son: why 5? 

 i: 5 coz you are 5 years old

son: ohhh, you should have asked me when i was 3 years old

i: so, just come up with 3 to 5 things you have learned

son: ok… these are the things that i have learned…

  1. everything changes, so we have to embrace change
  2. you cant escape dying (these are his words, he didnt say death but dying)
  3. the only thing that can live forever is the immortal jellyfish but they can be eaten so i guess they also die (i didnt know anything about this immortal jellyfish)
  4. the world is changing for the worse because the sun is getting bigger, it will crush mercury and venus (i didnt know about the sun getting bigger, he knows more than i do since he is into solar system)
  5. nobody is perfect, only papa God is perfect..

I didnt expect these answers but it was so worth it. I hope he will always remember and apply this learning…


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